What is The Deep Dive retreat?


The Deep Dive Retreat is designed to strengthen the body, calm the mind and nurture the soul in one powerful experience.

At its core, The Deep Dive Retreat looks at the link between mind & body and helps people bring this connection into their everyday lives in a meaningful way.

During a Deep Dive Retreat, daily yoga sessions are interspersed with opportunities to improve overall psychological well-being. We share our learnings on how your mind impacts your life experience and how you can use the wisdom of the body to learn and grow.

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The ‘mind’ work on a Deep Dive takes place in group sessions, through guided reflection and, if you choose, in 1-1 coaching. We integrate a variety of psychological approaches and an understanding of how adult humans grow & develop. Each individual Deep Diver takes what they need from these sessions, but our experience shows that the most common benefits are: a greater awareness of your internal belief systems and tools to shift perspective; learning how to use your ‘felt-sense’ - the natural wisdom of the body- to resolve issues & dilemmas; greater ability to create an inner state of calm in any moment; and greater clarity on decisions or life-choices you are wanting to make - big or small.

Most importantly, these sessions are run in a safe, supportive environment which is best suited for personal learning and growth.

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The Deep Dive Retreat uses traditional hatha based flow and yin yoga fused with intuitive and modern day bodywork practices to support individuals on a journey back into their own bodies.

We work intentionally during our yoga sessions to develop strength, flexibility and balance, both physically and emotionally. Using a person-centred approach to working with the body, we are able to provide a truly individual experience on The Deep Dive Retreat. Come as you are and go from there.

The morning body sessions are designed to dynamically wake up the body with healthy alignment and core connection, whilst evening classes focus on yin yoga, subtle energetics and yoga psychology.

All sessions aim to create a space for individuals to feel, breathe, move and heal the body where required. The body sessions weave seamlessly into the work we do in the mind space, which can be the missing link in truly understanding the power and wisdom of the body.

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We believe the location for the Deep Dive Retreat to be the final, key element of the experience. If the practices are the tools, the location is the canvas on which everything is created. All our venues are carefully selected retreat spaces that offer the perfect backdrop to pause, reflect & learn.

In 2019 we are offering two signature Deep Dive Retreats. The first at Can Amonita in Northern Ibiza and the second at Domaine De Mournac in South West France. Both of these places offer Deep Divers a truly ‘in nature’ experience, a cornerstone for the work we do.

If the location nurtures the soul, the food offered on The Deep Dive Retreat will nurture your body. All our retreat venues provide delicious, healthy vegetarian meals and the opportunity to learn how to eat mindfully and in ways that support your energy & overall health.

The Deep Dive was a deeply nourishing & enriching experience - I would recommend it to everyone. Stepping back from day-to-day life to breathe and reflect within a supportive community was insightful and transformative.
— Miriam
The Deep Dive has stayed with me, which is another mark of its depth. I’m very appreciative of your care, and my good fortune in landing on the retreat, and taking the deep dive. It really has changed my life and enabled me to move forward refreshed and strengthened.
— Lesley