The Deep dive retreat was founded by mother & daughter team

rosie & emma


Rosie is a yoga teacher, bodywork practitioner & stand up paddle board instructor, with a lifelong interest in holistic health and wellness. 

Emma is a respected coach, psychologist & facilitator with many years experience in both personal & organisational development work. 

From their separate experiences of working with groups, they realised there was an untapped opportunity to use a yoga retreat format to simultaneously work through issues of the mind and facilitate more lasting personal change.

Rosie and Emma work together throughout the Deep Dive Retreat, using their combined skills to create a transformative experience for those who attend.

‘We believe in this work because we live it. As individuals our daily practices and our passion for these practices are the tools we use to navigate through the challenges, the joys, the ups and the downs of life. It is amazing to be able to share these tools with other women, from different points and walks of life. And to do this with one another… is nothing short of a dream come true!’

Rosie & Emma

Emma and Rosie are a Deep Dive Retreat dream team - they create a space where everyone feels safe and empowered to recharge and reset.
— Angele